“While it’s easy to place Matthew in the context of new school nihilist boom bap like Odd Future, his introspective lyricism also recalls the emotive moments from the Rhymesayers Entertainment collective, particularly members such as Atmosphere or P.O.S.”

—  Jason Randall Smith, ReviewYou

“This is a white rapper from Nebraska who portrays a character who is part nerd, part stoner and part misogynist psycho, and Invidious contains something that is quite rare in hip-hop: self-deprecating humor.”

—  Alex Henderson, Reviewyou

“Big Burn has the verbal dexterity to do some real good with his music.”

—  Dan MacIntosh, ReviewYou

“Whenever Big Burn and Boss Turt get together, things take a turn towards the unapologetically pornographic, as evidenced by the album’s first single “Milkshake.” Apparently preoccupied with oral sex (always receiving, never giving) Burn and Turt verbally tag team anonymous women with sexual procedures in lurid detail.””

—  Jason Randall Smith, ReviewYou

“Big Burn is a solid rapper, one who possesses admirable delivery and mastery of lyricism.”

—  Alexa Spieler, ReviewYou

“Combine the mental ward visions of early Eminem, the present-day narcissism of the Odd Future collective, and the triple X raunchiness of the 2 Live Crew and you’ll have some idea of just how sordid an affair that this release can be.”

—  Jason Randall Smith, ReviewYou