Big Burn (Matthew Murnan) is a hip hop artist from Omaha, Nebraska, who blends comedic rap with a dark creatively offensive twist and a large dose of witty lyricism. According to Jason Randall Smith, a writer for Impose Magazine, “While it’s easy to place Matthew in the context of new school nihilist boom bap like Odd Future, his introspective lyricism also recalls the emotive moments from the Rhymesayers Entertainment collective, particularly members such as Atmosphere or P.O.S.”

Matthew was born in a small town in Nebraska in 1985. At age 14 he discovered Eminem and ICP, two artists that greatly influenced him and from that point on his insatiable desire to listen to rap was born. While he loved hip hop early on, he didn’t develop the passion to write songs until he was 20 years old.

Big Burn recently released his second album, Invidious, in late 2013. He made a music video for, “Milkshake”, the lead single on the album, which was released January 21st, 2014. He believes that it’s a hilarious and share worthy video and is hoping it goes viral.

Big Burn believes any long term success comes down to the music video. If it’s successful, he is hoping to make more videos to keep building a larger online presence and hopefully leverage that into more shows and fans. The ultimate goal is to make at least a modest living off music. If he can make enough money to have a sustainable career while doing something he loves, he will consider his musical endeavors a success.